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Evaluates an expression query over a range of time



Retrieve data over a specified time range by submitting a GET request with query parameters.
Please ensure to change the region in the URL to match your account's region.


Query Parameters

    query stringrequired

    Prometheus expression query string.

    start stringrequired

    Start timestamp, inclusive, as an RFC3339 or Unix timestamp.

    end stringrequired

    End timestamp, inclusive, as an RFC3339 or Unix timestamp.

    step stringrequired

    Query resolution step width in seconds.

    timeout string

    Evaluation timeout. Optional, defaults to the value of the -query.timeout flag.


Range query results in a defined format.

    status string

    Status of the query (e.g., success, fail).

    data object
    resultType string

    Possible values: [matrix]

    Type of the result.

    result object[]
  • Array [
  • metric objectrequired

    Labels identifying the metric.

    property name* string
    values array[]required

    Possible values: >= 2, <= 2

    A list of [timestamp, value] pairs returned by the query.

  • ]