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This API is documented using the OpenAPI 2.0 specification. The OpenAPI Specification file is also available for download


You can automate most of our APIs using our Terraform provider.

Account region and API URL

To find your account region, sign in to and look at the URL in the address bar. Your API URL has the same two-letter code that you see in the address bar when you're logged in.

For more information, see Account region.


The API is available to Pro and Enterprise plan subscribers. You can generate and delete API tokens in your account.

Rate limiting

API call and response rates are limited to 100 concurrent API requests per account. To verify your rate limits or request changes to your plan, please contact your account manager or the Customer Success Team.


Compression is supported and recommended for all API calls. To enable compression for API responses, add the following request header: Header Name: Accept-Encoding Header Value: deflate, gzip Compression is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for 'Search' and 'Scroll' APIs, due to their potentially large response sizes.


You can manage your API tokens from the API tokens page.

API tokens are account-specific. You will need to be logged into the relevant Log Management or SIEM account to view the API tokens associated with it.

To manage your API tokens, log into the relevant account in your platform, click the gear in the top-right menu, and select Tools > Manage tokens > API tokens.

It's important to keep your tokens secure. API tokens carry privileges to make changes to users and accounts, so if you believe an API token has been compromised, delete it, and replace it with a new token in your integrations.

Security Scheme Type:apiKey
Header parameter name:X-API-TOKEN


Apache 2.0