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Create/update a dashboard



Creates or updates a new dashboard or updates an existing dashboard.



    dashboard object

    The complete dashboard model, to create a new dashboard.

    id integer

    Nullable to create a new dashboard.

    uid integer

    Optional unique identifier when creating a dashboard. will generate a new uid.

    panels object[]
  • Array [
  • alert object
    alertRuleTags object
    conditions object[]
  • Array [
  • evaluator object
    params int32[]
    type string
    operator object
    type string
    query object
    params string[]
    reducer object
    params undefined[]
    type string
    type string
  • ]
  • executionErrorState string
    for string
    frequency string
    handler int32
    name string
    noDataState string
    notifications undefined[]
    aliasColors object
    bars boolean
    dashLength int32
    dashes boolean
    datasource nullable
    fieldConfig object
    defaults object
    custom object
    overrides undefined[]
    fill int32
    fillGradient int32
    gridPos object
    h int32
    w int32
    x int32
    y int32
    hiddenSeries boolean
    id int32
    legend object
    avg boolean
    current boolean
    max boolean
    min boolean
    show boolean
    total boolean
    values boolean
    lines boolean
    linewidth int32
    nullPointMode string
    options object
    dataLinks undefined[]
    percentage boolean
    pointradius int32
    points boolean
    renderer string
    seriesOverrides undefined[]
    spaceLength int32
    stack boolean
    steppedLine boolean
    targets object[]
  • Array [
  • refId string
    scenarioId string
  • ]
  • thresholds object[]
  • Array [
  • colorMode string
    fill boolean
    line boolean
    op string
    value int32
  • ]
  • timeFrom nullable
    timeRegions undefined[]
    timeShift nullable
    title string
    tooltip object
    shared boolean
    sort int32
    value_type string
    type string
    xaxis object
    buckets nullable
    mode string
    name nullable
    show boolean
    values undefined[]
    yaxes object[]
  • Array [
  • format string
    label nullable
    logBase int32
    max nullable
    min nullable
    show boolean
  • ]
  • yaxis object
    align boolean
    alignLevel nullable
  • ]
  • title string
    tags string[]
    timezone string
    schemaVersion integer
    version integer
    refresh string

    Set the dashboard refresh interval. If this is lower than the minimum refresh interval, then Grafana will ignore it and will enforce the minimum refresh interval.

    folderId integer

    The id of the folder to save the dashboard in.

    folderUid string

    The unique identifier (uid) of a folder to search in for dashboards. You cannot use General folder or the folder generated by - Dashboards - to place your alerts.

    message string

    Set a commit message for the version history.

    overwrite boolean

    Set to true if you want to overwrite existing dashboard with newer version, same dashboard title in folder or same dashboard uid.


successful query

    id integer


    uid string


    url string


    status string

    Request status.

    version integer

    Dashboard version.

    slug string

    Dashboard slug.